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About our materials

AJM have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to machining a wide spectrum of materials.

From cutting steels, alloys and engineering plastics to harder to machine exotics and super alloys you can be rest assured that AJM Engineering have the knowledge, process and methodology to deliver your requirements.

Materials with high alloy content, known as super alloys or exotic alloys, offer enhanced performance properties including excellent strength and durability, and resistance to oxidation, corrosion and deforming at high temperatures or under extreme pressure. Because of these properties, super alloys make the best spring materials for demanding working conditions, which can be encountered across various industry sectors, including the automotive, marine and aerospace sectors as well as oil and gas extraction, thermal processing, petrochemical processing and power generation.

Copper inc. beryllium copper

Aluminium and aluminium bronze

Duplex and Super Duplex



Stainless steel

Duplex and Super Duplex






What our clients say

“Over the last approximate period of 12 years I have worked with AJM as a supplier for different companies. The work that has been completed during that time has covered many different products and has often included prototype design work where they have actively contributed in design modifications to make products more manufacture friendly and more economic on price. I would consider AJM amongst any Tier 1 supplier I have ever used and would highly recommend to any company looking for a manufacturing partner.”

Rory Aitken
Supply Chain Lead, Downhole Products, Varel

“We have used AJM on multiple occasions over the last six years on various engineering projects.
We have always found their work to the highest standard and to always be helpful and flexible in making certain the job is just how we want it. I am certain our working relationship will continue for years to come.”

Tim Lynch
Purchasing Manager, Dymag Group Limited

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